Friday, 16 September 2016

Solar eclipse 2016

I was fortunate enough to observe a solar eclipse this year. The astro club also hosted and planned the entire event. Although we were all stressed out as we had very little preparation time. It turned out to be a very easy going and fun event. With our schoolmates being fascinated by the eclipse and people taking pictures. Although the presentation in class did not go as well as I have wanted it to go, it was still a very enjoyable event.
ps: don't look directly at the sun unless you want to blind yourself :)

The Omni theatre trip


The Omni theatre was a great experience as we were able to experience the Omni theatre, which was extremely exciting as it was the first time for me, I personally thought that it was one of the most fun Astro outing. After the Omni show, we went to the gift shop which had astronaut ice cream, which did not taste anything like ice cream, however, the novelty of the item was the most interesting. It was all in all a very fun yet educational outing.

Astro Challenge 2016

During the June holidays Three of my astro mates and I participated in the AstroChallenge hosted and conducted on the NUS campus. Although there were many ups and downs, like getting lost on campus on the first day, needing to stay back late to complete tasks like the video. It was an enjoyable event. From the competition, I learnt many Astro Physics fomulas, although math isn't personally my favourite subject, it was still interesting to learn something that most of my peers do not know about. And instead of wasting my entire holiday, I managed to actually do something for my club and represent my club for.

( the auditorium was freezing)